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Pierre Cardin, is the most established brand all around the world with holding 900 different product licences in 140 countries. Strong brand image as within its genes, Pierre Cardin has become the most wanted brand in office furniture by consumers. With modern industry understanding and following recent trends, Pierre Cardin has put ethical and honest values above everything and is moving forward to become one of the most distinguished name in sector.
As Pierre Cardin our priorities and goals;
It is our duty to provide suitable solutions in order to match our consumer demands. Pierre Cardin Office Furniture has begun its journey with prestige and quality within its genes and introduce reasonable price list to its consumers. Merge between consumers trust in our brand and our corporate identity is in fact an important factor.  Pierre Cardin is building strongly its corporate identity every each day in furniture business.

In 1950, the brand’s foundation was laid by Monsieur Pierre Cardin in France, it has become one of the biggest fashion empire whilst steering global fashion with its trends and spectacular designs. Pierre Cardin has considered one of the five French designers to become one of the first representatives of futuristic and avant-garde movement in fashion world with bringing ‘Space Age’ theme for its collection, especially where space research has boomed in 60’s. Still today tights, paddings and the maxi coats keeps their place in wardrobes which was presented to garment industry by Pierre Cardin.
 Pierre Cardin opened boutique stores all around the world from the USA to China and from UK to Soviet Union in 1980s, it has attracted awareness as designer brand not only staying in clothing line but in jewellery, perfume, furniture, accessories.

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